In The Cut on the heartbreak of now

While I’m scrambling to feel sane in the wake of the what-the-fuck-just-happened election, I’m trying to plan my reactions and responses by looking at events through the lens of parenthood. At the heart of it, that is what I am now, a mother. Finding our voices in the midst of community is some small comfort and a first step toward what comes next. In that vein I am grateful to be included with the voices of other writers and women in a piece at The Cut today.

From that story:

“I have two daughters, 9 and 11. I believe they experienced unprecedented trauma last night. I’m asking myself if I’m in any way at fault for that. Of their own accord they spent two hours baking Hillary cupcakes, which are now sitting in the fridge untouched and crusted over. My daughters are afraid. I’m trying to muster my strength to lead them but I don’t know how.”

Read the full piece at The Cut.


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