Nataliebig_histo_edgeI’m Natalie. I’m a writer, editor and content strategist. East-Coast-bred, Western convert. Origin = Canadienne. Currently a Seattleite via California. For a decade built my writing skills as a journalist at newspapers around the West, learning how to tell a story that deeply impacts readers. I wrote about Mexican immigrants dying in the desert, lesbian golf tournaments and politics at The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, Calif.; dodged falling boulders and a serial killer at a tiny newspaper in Gold Country that boasted a single Internet connection; wrote film and art reviews for the gritty San Francisco Independent (RIP); and covered growth issues, murder trials, transportation and social issues at The Seattle Times. Currently I direct content and editorial strategy, develop social and marketing campaigns, and dream up creative at ParentMap as Executive Editor. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in creative writing. I am a storyteller at heart. My favorite thing in the world (besides red velvet cupcakes) is to be in a room with a team of highly engaged, mission-driven people and drive actions for good through creativity. To keep myself connected to the magic of language, I write creatively on the side and have had essays and stories published in newspapers, magazines and literary journals around the country. My memoir, California Calling, seeks a home.

I live with my husband and daughters, two dogs, three chickens, and the very frail cat the husband had before he met me named Girlfriend, in Seattle.

The woman at left is not  me. But she made you look, and that’s what great storytelling does.

See my journalism resume here.

See my creative resume here.



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