Video & Multimedia

It takes a team of truly creative minds to bring a story to life visually. I’ve been privileged to work with astoundingly creative people on multimedia projects, from brand and vision videos to intimate interviews, choose-your-own-adventure interactives to animated Instagram stories. I enjoy all the aspects of video creations, whether it’s script writing, leading creative concepts, editing, or developing social media formats and strategy to amplify across platforms. Here are a few recent samples.

Running on ritual: a story of cultural transformation

How do you save time and money while successfully seating 1,900 employees?

Vision video: Work smarter with workplace intelligence

Behind the $30 million meeting

Employees share stories of pride

To help their daughter, a Microsoft employee and a filmmaker became transgender allies

Don’t let the dogs, or the people who rely on them, down

‘There are great things out there for you’

What it means to really be seen

Punt, pass, code!

Meet me in the trees

Social Media

Cool cats

Meet us in the trees

Recruiter’s job toolkit

Make your resume sparkle

We still serve

Watch the campus of the future come to life

Pride campaign:

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