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AI, quantum computing, cloud wars, people analytics, employee culture, the future of work: There’s been no shortage of fascinating topics to explore during my career in corporate storytelling. The challenge is always to get beyond jargon, technobabble, and consultantese to tell the human-driven stories that help audiences connect to the message you’re driving. As a longtime journalist I love quickly building the new expertise needed every time I set out to reach an audience with a powerful story. I also love experimenting with creative formats. Here are some recent examples.

Microsoft analyzed data on its newly remote workforce

What happens when work goes remote? This special project finds out

Running on ritual: How Microsoft Netherlands used data and relentless experimentation to reinvent the way it works

Video: Running on ritual

How do you save time and money while successfully seating 1,900 employees?

When employees all want the best desks, data wins

Infographic: Behind the $30 million meeting

Below the Surface: Behavioral data solves a work-life balance problem before it impacts a key hardware business

Using AI to reduce medical errors and save lives

Meet the tattoos of the future

Why unplugging from work is more work than we think

Closing the education gap in rural communities with technology

Uncovering resilience: Measuring organizational networks during crisis

Case study: Transforming global commercial sales

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