Crime & Legal Issues

Covering the criminal justice system has been some of the most challenging and rewarding work I’ve done in my career. As a journalist, I had the task and privilege of helping people who experienced pain and trauma tell their own stories, and thereby reach toward justice. Building a deep understanding of the American justice and political system has helped me better understand the forces that uphold, and sometimes threaten, our safety and freedoms. I believe justice means having agency to shape and share our stories, and I’ve been honored to witness and help in that process.

Stolen Youth: Child sex trafficking on the streets of our cities

Unearthing the real voter fraud (p. 11)

Suspect in Carnation slayings says she is guilty

Man gets 30 years for 1978 murder of 15-year-old

Conflicting testimony of expert witnesses can sink an insanity defense

“We made eye contact, and he shot me again”: Harrowing testimony on third day of Haq trial

If Ridgway got life, would anyone get death?

Profile of Paul Clement

Competitive reporting at The United States Supreme Court

Q & A with longtime American Civil Liberties Union Legal Director Steven Shapiro

The proof is in the returns

Defense’s joys and Joy’s defenses

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