Corporate Communications & Employer Branding

Employer branding is much more than a catchy slogan. It’s the unique impression a company and its culture makes on everyone inside and outside the organization. Powerful employer branding is conveyed through authentic storytelling that brings people and all their individuality, contributions, and passions to life. Here is some of the impactful employer branding work I’ve created.

Multimedia #Pride campaign

The beauty that comes from nuance

A delight story about cat-obsessed Microsofties blending their work and pet passions into the purrfect mix.

Strategic story about innovative treehouse offices that spurred more than 100 instances of earned media coverage around the globe

A peek behind the curtain of the largest employee giving program in the world

‘I’ll do it’: how a former spacecraft engineer said ‘yes’ and launched great things

Don’t let the dogs, or the people who rely on them, down

Hack-a-Tatt: smart tattoos put technology right on your skin

Punt, pass, code: NFL alums and Microsoft employees team up on a sports-and-tech camp

“There are great things out there for you”

Anthem and campaign videos

The workspace of the future

Widening the spectrum: job candidates on the autism spectrum are empowered to let their talents shine

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