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Recent research has shown that Humanities and Arts degrees have nearly disappeared from universities. But without a foundation in arts and culture, and thereby in history and sociology, how can we continue to evolve as humans into better and better versions of ourselves? I have always found inspiration, meaning, and purpose in the arts, and I’ve been lucky to be able to integrate that love with my work over the years. Here are some samples of that.

How playwright Emily Conbere makes it work

This theater is throwing you a life ring

A White Mother Reviews ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ at Seattle Rep

A Parent’s Review: Seattle’s New Holocaust Center for Humanity

Religion vs. Spirituality: Which One Will Help Your Child Be Successful?

Culturally competent kids: Why you should start a family foreign movie night

Saying goodbye to Stowell & Sendak’s ‘Nutcracker’

Far-flung films: Start a foreign movie habit with your kids

An interview with Seattle playwright and mother Emily Conbere

An interview with Seattle filmmaker Vlada Knowlton

Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, a review of ‘The Institute of Memory (TIMe)’

Switchback Trance, a response to Heather Kravas: Visions of Beauty

The Information Is In the Flesh: An Interview With Jessica Jobaris, an interview in advance of ‘A Great Hunger’

Psychic Radio Star: The Self Is Born, a response to Ezra Dickinson

Date night: ‘Bethany’

Theater Review: Fiddler on the Roof

Theater Review: Danny, King of the Basement

Theater Review: The Wizard of Oz

What ‘The Hunger Games’ can teach us about work

Theater Review: Seattle Children’s Theatre’s “The Cat in the Hat”

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