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As a storyteller and journalist I have covered everything from small-town city councils to big-city murder trials, technology to time outs, forest fires to county fairs, politics to pizza, development to growth to immigration to “women’s issues” to mountain goats, bridge construction to lesbian golf and everything in between. I have reported and written stories in San Francisco, Palm Springs, Seattle and too many suburbs. I have written film and theater reviews, personal essays, magazine stories and blogs.

I try to put my new work up on my Contently portfolio.

LinkedIn also has some of the content I have written, as well as content I have directed, include monthly issues of ParentMap, the Pacific Northwest’s leading family magazine.

A small sample of past stories by topic is below.

Cultural & Culture:

A White Mother Reviews ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ at Seattle Rep

A Parent’s Review: Seattle’s New Holocaust Center for Humanity

Religion vs. Spirituality: Which One Will Help Your Child Be Successful?

Workplace Issues:

The mother of reinvention: Returning to work after a parenting break 

Social media bootcamp: Help for your digital self

Get out of that cow-print robe: Top 10 tips for working well from home

Five reasons to commit to an unplugged vacation

Bridge of bitter flames might not be the best exit strategy

Summer work attire: flip-flops, tube tops and Speedos, oh my

Personal brand plus consulting: a recipe for flex success

No free soda, sauna or shuttle, but what perks are you missing?

Should you venture into business with your valentine?


How playwright Emily Conbere makes it work

This theater is throwing you a life ring

Saying goodbye to Stowell & Sendak’s ‘Nutcracker’

Far-flung films: Start a foreign movie habit with your kids

An interview with Seattle playwright and mother Emily Conbere

An interview with Seattle filmmaker Vlada Knowlton

Date night: ‘Bethany’

Theater Review: Fiddler on the Roof

Theater Review: Danny, King of the Basement

Theater Review: The Wizard of Oz

What ‘The Hunger Games’ can teach us about work

Theater Review: Seattle Children’s Theatre’s “The Cat in the Hat”


3-D printers: a maker family essential?

Drones without loans: Save money on the three hottest tech items this year

We need to get real about screens and kids

Someone you should know: Katie Headrick Taylor


Mom Has Homework, too?

Middle Magic: Why Middle School Is Cooler Than You Think

Weight worries and body-image secrets

Baby’s block: Mothering your muse and feeding your creativity after childbirth

Are we morally failing our kids?

The truth behind elementary school lockdowns

Better together: What happens when Grandma lives at home, Grandpa is ‘Dad’ and multiple generations parent everyone

Charter Schools in 200 Words

Must-reads from the parenting trenches

Education buzzwords and the new science of learning

Moms are taking back the holidays by taking on consumerism

Making milk on the clock? Know your rights

Digital privacy: Who is watching and tracking your kids?

Public pornography: Libraries under fire from parents

Character, grit, and why some kids succeed while others fail

First Person/Essay

Dear daughter: This dress code violates you

I didn’t have sex for a year and I’m still married

In place of a third child, a puppy

Back-to-school shopping: Step away from the glue gun, lady

My daughter almost drowned

No child left at home (not these kids anyway)

Do you have one of those kids?

Equal pay for equal work? Not yet

For Mothers Day, honor mothers by changing the workplace

Back-to-school shopping, Canuck style

Keep your binders and your flirting and give me equality

Crime and Breaking News:

Stolen Youth: Child sex trafficking on the streets of our cities

Pair plead not guilty in Carnation slayings

Son seeks estate of mother he killed

Chilling details on Carnation slayings of six

Man gets 30 years for 1978 murder of 15-year-old

Legal delays add to victims’ fears

Legal Beat:

Profile of Paul Clement

Competitive reporting at The United States Supreme Court

Q & A with longtime American Civil Liberties Union Legal Director Steven Shapiro

The proof is in the returns

Defense’s joys and Joy’s defenses

Neighborhoods and Community News

Rural rage festers in King County

Along the Way: From cow country to planned community, Highway 202 follows the path of progress

A towering new identity in Bellevue

Pushing for peace, aging with grace

Redmond teenager survives 8 days stuck in car wreck


Democrats making Eastside inroads

Environmentalists say Horn must go

Seven dancers cited for illegal behavior

Legislative races show 41st is a district in flux

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