Confessions of a Connection Whore

Breast-pump malfunction, sexual fumblings, the truth about my in-laws, insecure angst: All things I have written about, for familiars and perfect strangers alike to read. For every one of these humbling confessions, there will be many, many more. As many as I can write and convince people, hoards of them, to read. The more transparent and honest and laid bare I am, the better. My … Continue reading Confessions of a Connection Whore

The West is Best

OK, that might be a rather opinionated headline. But after 18 years as a nonnative transplant to the West, I am fine courting controversy and risking argument in order to state what I truly believe, that life in the West has a special timbre and tenue to it, a chromacity hard to explain to those who haven’t watched the sun draw down on the Pacific or seen the … Continue reading The West is Best

Torn open by a sweater

It didn’t hit me until I was almost through the day. I woke up this morning, and for a little while I actually forgot. It was a Sunday after all, lazy and slow. I opened the newspapers just before the coffee boiled, and then I remembered. Oh yes, I thought to myself. It’s today. I skimmed the photos, read a bit about victims’ losses, the … Continue reading Torn open by a sweater